Shipping Software

Price Match

Use our price_match, an happy_match algorithm to compare our quote to other major logistics companies in the world.
This algorithm uses packaging weight, dimension, destination and other proprietary data to advice you about the best price. This software works as a standalone on mobile and desktop platforms, and you can use it to make informed decision on shipping price. Note, we do price matching to keep you happy, but you can equally use this software to get a quote from any shipper and partner with them.

Shipping Label Generator

Our shipping label generator help you to generate mobile label that you can print and attached to your packages.
Once label is generated, you can simply use your barcode to access information about your shipment, make payment, update recipient information, track and share with your customers.


shipRobot is a complete shipping " an artificial intelligent" software that recommends packing dimension to save money, generates label, suggests drop off locations, performs price matching, track and generate shipping report and status to share with your customers, Advise on possibility of delay based on weather forecast. Ocean route security advising, generates custom clearance receipt and reports.